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Realistic latex mask male face

This realistic mask is depicting the face of a young man. It’s one of the best choices if you are on a budget, but still want a quality latex mask for a realistic disguise. For sure the rookie mask is not as good as one of those silicone masks, but still does the trick for most people. http://www.realistic-masks.com/gb/realistic-face-mask-the-rookie.html

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Female mask with black wig

Wearing latex mask is not just for everyone, especially you shouldn’t try if you suffer from claustrophobia. However, this female mask is just amazing, due to beautiful face and the realistic skintone. It fits the head of the wearer well, also the wig stays in place, just like it should be. The mask maker had an good eye for the detail, just the nose appears to be a little bit to broad. Overall, good choice in this woman mask and excellent performance. Reminds me of one of those kurigumi or manga masks. Angelina is the name of this female mask, if interested you can buy an identical mask here:  http://www.realistic-masks.com/gb/female-latex-mask-angelina.html

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Horror Clown Realistic Mask

This is a scary clown mask for Halloween. It’s full over the head featuring some paintwork, giving the bald clown a eerie look. It’s recommendable to combine with a varicolored costume, to have a look like you have just escaped from the circus. The Horror Clown Mask can be found in this online shop: http://www.realistic-masks.com/gb/killer-clown-latex-mask.html

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